Kari Young Floral Designs
Santa Rosa - California

Tel. +1 707 236 0593
E.  kari@kariyoungfloraldesigns.com

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Can you think back to your earliest memory of why you love something so much? For me it was holding onto a packet of ranunculus bulbs that my mom was planting along the driveway flowerbed. The bright colorful blooms that swirled like cupcake frosting on the front of the package caught my eye, making my mouth water for a sweet delicious treat. Silly maybe, but that's my first memory of my life-long love for flowers. Oh...and when that patch of dirt turned into a stream of colorful happiness...heaven!

Over the years, I've been a gardener, a stay at home mom, and now fulfilling a life-long dream, a floral designer. Completing my studies of floral design at Santa Rosa Junior College, I turned my dream into reality and began Kari Young Floral Designs. Established in March 2015, at Kari Young Floral Designs, my goal is to create beautiful florals for weddings, events and special occasions. I like to work closely with my clients to understand their dreams and ideas and be able to deliver them something that is even better than they had envisioned.

I like to think that my ever evolving style could be described as rustic elegance. Where nature and order meet. While order tries to tame the natural wildness, it appreciates and allows nature to do what it does best...look natural. Nature is beautiful and free and flowing and doesn't always like to be contained. It's unexpected, it surprises. It's not perfect. Order and structure help pull in that untamed beauty to allow it to shine fully.

Being situated here in Sonoma County, California is beyond a blessing. With mild temperatures throughout the year, gardening and farming is a dream. There is so much natural beauty that California has to offer in the floral world, allowing me to use both natural and perfectly grown florals and foliages. I love being able to source local materials from nearby growers in addition to enjoying the resources of the 2nd largest flower market in the country at the San Francisco Flower Mart.

I hope I can become a part of making your dreams a reality for your special event.